Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to work with an OM?

It takes a few hours to get used to the OM and to be able to navigate comfortably through the eyepieces indirect vision. Naturally, a little more time is needed to be comfortable in indirect vision. While each operator is different, our VOD explanations & tricks will significantly shorten the learning curve to help you be ready as quickly as possible. An important added bonus is that following such a program is an excellent stimulant for the brain and neurons!

Do I need an OM to follow the VOD tutorial?

The short answer is no, you don’t at first. There are several sections dealing with the profitability of working with a microscope and other great advantages that can be studied out of the office and they provide a great place to get started for anyone considering purchasing an OM. The “First Steps” section is where you WILL need an OM. This section can be done in the absence of a patient, however.

I am suffering from neck and back pain, will the OM relief my pain?

That depends on the exact origin of your pain, but in most cases, switching from loups to an OM will help. This is because a microscope obliges you to maintain an ergonomic working position. We will show you how to set up the OM so that you will be in a comfortable and sustainable position and once it is in place, you’ll have a
much easier time maintaining good posture.

Are patients reluctant to the use of the OM?

Quite the opposite, your patients will be so impressed by the level of care and the advanced and modern feel of your practice. If for any reason the patient does feel hesitant, you can also use the camera and screen connection features so that they can follow along in real-time. Most patients will be put at ease as soon as they see the level of detail that you are working with.

Will the purchase of a microscope weigh on my budget?

Quickly, the cost will be compensated by the numerous advantages of the OM: enhancement of your precision and vision, a pleasure to discover a new profession, possibilities of communication and recording, esteem of the patient and self-esteem, etc.

Is it the right time for me to buy a microscope?

The sooner the better! The MO is an instrument that will transform your practice, the sooner you install one in your office, the sooner you will start reaping the benefits.

I operate a small clinic, what size clinic would justify the expense of a microscope?

There is no minimum size for a clinic to have a Microscope. Our courses are aimed at converting ALL dentists to work full time with their microscope. This means that a microscope is ideal for your cabinet, regardless of your size!

Aren’t microscopes just for endodontists?

Endodontists were some of the earliest adopters of microscopes in the dental profession. But as the costs of microscopes have come down and patients demands have gone up, a microscope has become an essential tool for all dentists. Our course will teach you use a microscope full time in your practice for nearly everything you do!

I’m getting closer to retirement, is it too late for me to start?

Absolutely not! Without adaptation, we cannot grow, so if you’re not yet retired then you have not yet peaked in your career! Adding a new dimension into your practice can refresh you in your final years of work and help you churn out your finest masterpieces yet! The financial investment will not be lost either. As previously stated, the financial investment can be quickly recuperated, but the cost of the hardware itself will only add value to the price of your practice overall, should you be looking sell.

How long does it take to be able to work with an OM?

Some dentists will be able to work easily in all four quadrants within a few weeks, for other dentists it may take longer, but the immediate feedback provided by the enhanced vision is a great motivating factor and will keep you wanting to practice.

Is working with a microscope tougher on my back and body?

No, exactly the opposite. Good posture is a part of using a microscope, in the same way, good posture is a part of treating patients in a way that is sustainable to our long term health as providers. The presence of a microscope reinforces these positive habits!

Does working with a microscope cause eye strain?

No, working with a microscope can help relieve eye strain. The OM eyepiece allows for your eye to accommodate to infinity as if you were relaxing and looking up at the stars. Loups require your eyes to converge to their focal length, which can cause fatigue over time. We as dentists suffer eye strain when we try to zoom in on small surfaces in the absence of a microscope!

I wear glasses, can I use a microscope?

Of course, you can. Eyeglass wearers have in fact two options. They can continue to wear their glasses as normal while using the microscope or, if they prefer, they can take off their glasses and adjust the dioptric of the oculars accordingly. The eyepieces can be adjusted individually as well to accommodate each eye.

Will working with a microscope slow me down?

Yes, but only initially. With practice, your skills manipulating the microscope will increase, and once that happens your hands will actually work more quickly. Also, as your accuracy and precision improve with the use of an OM so will the quality of your work. This translates to a lesser failure rate, saving you time and money in the long-term as well as the short-term day to day operations, not to mention increased patient

I am satisfied with my loups; why should I switch to a microscope?

The advantages of a microscope cannot be understated. If you’re happy with your loups, then you will only be happier with a microscope. The increase in magnification, the relaxing effects on your eyes as well as your neck and back, and the positive patient feedback are just some of the reasons to make the switch.

Do I need a microscope for each operatory?

The microscope is a non-negligible expense, it is reasonable to want to start small. Our advice is to make the initial investment and install one permanently in one operatory. Evidence shows that with the transformative effects a microscope has on your workflow and quality, you’ll likely want one in each operatory soon thereafter.

My current work is great, why should I bother?

Because good enough could be great and great could be even better! A microscope will unleash previously unknown capacities that can reinvigorate your entire office.

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